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Hydrology and Hydraulics


WET specializes in hydrologic modeling and hydraulic design. WET utilizes various tools including SEDCAD and HEC-HMS for evaluating the relationship between precipitation and surface runoff to predict the hydrologic response of a watershed system. Hydrologic modeling is an essential part in completing hydraulic designs for detention structures (ponds/dams), water measurement structures (weirs/flumes, etc.) and water conveyance structures (diversions, ditches, culverts, etc.)

Hydraulic design experience includes the design of the following:

  • Small dam and impoundment structures

  • Spillway and other outfalls

  • Diversions

  • Road Ditches

  • Channels

  • Culverts

  • Weirs

WET has experience with steady and unsteady flow modeling using Army Corp of Engineer Software HEC-RAS, to evaluate channel hydraulics and structure impact.

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