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Data Analysis and Reporting


Water and Earth Technologies, Inc. (WET) is a water resources and environmental engineering firm offering natural resources and geographic data management services.

The characterization of natural systems through environmental sampling often involves management and analysis of vast arrays of data.  WET has experience with Microsoft Access and SQL Server databases containing hydrologic, meteorologic, water quality and spatial data.  Projects completed by WET have involved database creation and population as well the development of tools for data visualization, troubleshooting environmental sensor networks and quantifying pollutants for environmental permitting.

WET has experience with steady and unsteady flow modeling using Army Corp of Engineer Software HEC-RAS, to evaluate channel hydraulics and structure impact.

WET Database Expertise:

  • ​Relational database design and development

  • Data import and export tools

  • Database query and analysis tools

  • Spatial data management

  • Specific experience with ALERT databases

  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming

  • Microsoft Access / Excel interfaces

  • ArcGIS / Access interfaces

  • Report generation

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