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Remote Camera Monitoring


Water and Earth Technologies, Inc. (WET) is a water resources firm providing design, construction and maintenance services for remote monitoring stations of all kinds, including remote camera monitoring installations.

WET has specialized experience with installing remote camera monitoring equipment for a variety of monitoring uses:

  • Visual monitoring

    • Site Operation

    • Maintenance Circumstances

    • Channel Flows

    • Site Security

  • Data Collection

    • Water Level

    • Weather Conditions

  • Data Verification

    • Diversion Gates

    • Sensitive Site Locations

WET constructs and installs equipment mounts, enclosures and towers, designing and fabricating components for custom site applications as needed.


Photos are available directly from the camera’s web server and can be captured and sent as frequently as one per minute or viewed in real-time. WET is able to integrate this data into a large variety of independent data displays or customize display environments. Economical access by multiple mobile devices is best accomplished by uploading photos to a cloud server, avoiding high use of cellular data.

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