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Storm Water Management

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WET is experienced with the design and modeling of systems to aid in the control and management of stormwater. WET conducts hydrologic and hydraulic analysis to assess or mitigate potential impacts of large storm events to infrastructure associated with conveying and storing stormwater. WET develops comprehensive stormwater management plans to minimize impact of development or mining.

The WET team has successfully developed storm water management strategies including: programs for lowering stream/river bank erosion, minimizing over-bank flooding, protection of water quality and flood alert systems for helping to reduce property loss.

We utilize an extensive group of tools in helping ready our clients for any issue that may arise due to severe weather or seasonal flooding.

Our Flood Hazard Inventory Tool is a customized ArcMap interface and a SQL database that allows our clients to spatially inventory structures with flooding risk such as:

  • Bridges, culverts, homes, and businesses.

  • Historical record consisting of photos, hydraulic reports, engineering studies, and as-built documents

  • Query structures by flood risk

  • Overlay other spatial data such as ALERT networks, DFIRM data, and historical storm events

  • Flood response planning focused on those areas with the highest risk

  • Allows for the development of alarm thresholds at critical location

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