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Geomorphic Land Reclamation


WET is intimately familiar with the concepts that underpin geomorphic design and can apply them in a variety of ways using a range of tools. As a leader in geomorphic design, WET has developed a comprehensive solution to landform and stream reclamation that can be accomplished by utilizing the capabilities of Natural Regrade with GeoFluvTM in conjunction with SEDCAD hydrologic modeling and sound engineering hydraulic design. Natural Regrade allows numerous options for surface re-contouring, reclamation and erosion control to be evaluated quickly, accurately and economically without duplication of effort. A successful geomorphic design reflects natural ecosystem conditions while establishing a stable, diverse reclaimed area with successful revegetation.

Benefits of geomorphic reclamation are numerous. Prior to a geomorphic approach, typical site restoration includes building bench terraces and concentrating drainage to a down drain. While these traditional systems have worked in the past, many require a great deal of maintenance.

Benefits of a geomorphic approach include: 

  • Stability against erosion

  • Promotion of vegetative diversity

  • Little to no maintenance

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Cost effective

WET has completed more than 20 projects using a geomorphic approach. Each project presented unique challenges that required innovative solutions.


Relevant projects include:

  • McKinley Mine, Gallup, NM

  • High Altitude Molybdenum Mine, CO

  • Vermejo Park Ranch, NM

  • GCC Tijeras and Pueblo Cement Plants, NM/CO

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